This makes more sense when you realise they are from the famously not-modest Auckland, and particularly, that they are located in the heart of the Viaduct. People in Viaduct rarely lack in self-confidence and often share this opinion with outsiders.

However, we should not hold those inconvenient facts [1] against them too much because there may be some validity to this bold claim. Dr Rudi’s has an impressive beer list (including beers from their in-house brewery), a hearty and tasty looking menu, impressive views and – this is important – an honest to goodness bowling alley. Yes, there is a bowling alley in a bar – shut up and take my money!

It is a relatively recent addition to the bar and brewing scene and was created by Kristian Lloyd, Callum O’Brien and Andrew Roborgh. They are described by the influential Urban List website as “young and charismatic gents.” Importantly, they are coming to Malthouse to present a showcase of beers from their impressive looking 1,000 litre in-house brewery.

On-site they are often poured straight from the tank to the tap. However, they will have to travel just a little bit further for the Dr Rudi’s Rooftop Brewing Showcase on Friday 3 November 2017 from 4pm till late. There will be six beers on tap (all new to Malty) and some of the brewery team in the bar or possibly even behind the bar.

Here are the beers:


Dr Rudi’s Sweet Louise Lager (5%) – Sweet Louise is a golden and accessible lager which is usually people’s introduction to the range. It is named after Louise, the mother of Dr Rudi who in turn is who the bar is named after. He was a very famous hop scientist and even has hop varieties named after him. That is a sure sign of success.

Dr Rudi’s Bright Light German Pale Ale (6%) – This uses very light malts and lots of wheat malt which is interesting. Also interesting is the use of two German hop varieties I have not come across before – Callista and Mandarina Bavaria. It is full bodied and the tropical flavours shine through, including mandarin and passionfruit.

Dr Rudi’s Self Titled Pilsner (5%) – It features New Zealand hops developed by Dr Rudi himself which is a nice twist. The brewers describe it as “somewhere between a New Zealand European Pilsner.” It is crisp, dry and, they promise, sessionable.

Dr Rudi’s No Sleep till Brooklyn APA (5.7%) – An early favourite to be my favourite because:

1)    It is an American Pale Ale (APA).

2)    It is named after one of my favourite Beastie Boys songs. [2]

It is fruity (citrus, grapefruit and passionfruit) and firmly bitter which is usual for the style. There is also a novel flavour profile from the addition of coriander seeds which is unusual for the style. I am looking forward to it immensely.

Dr Rudi’s Bier Fest Lager (6.3%) – This is based on the traditional German Marzen style of robust lager which is drunk in great quantities at Oktoberfest. It is generally darker and more malty than the familiar golden lagers which dominate the industry. The Dr Rudi’s version uses Vienna and Munich malts, coupled with noble European hops. It is served unfiltered.

Dr Rudi’s Dutch Courage IPA (6.4%) – A big IPA with plenty of Simcoe hops from the United States happily clog dancing on a solid malt backbone. Bitterness is balanced rather than bombastic. [3] My spellchecker must be a bit racist because it continually that “Dutch Courage” should be “Dutch courage”. It is not like I am typing something ludicrous like “French military victories…” The link is below. Read it carefully.

The Showcase on Friday 3 November is also an opportunity for punters to meet the Dr Rudi’s team. When the Malthouse bar crew describe the visitors as “raucous” you just know they are going to be a lot of fun.

Researching this blog has convinced me to put Dr Rudi’s Rooftop Brewery Company on my famous “to visit and sample” list for the next time I am compelled to go to Auckland. Until then, I will just have to wait two days for the good Dr to make a (Malt) house call. [4]

Next time, we drink to all the Ministers of the Crown and new Members of Parliament. The first weeks are always a steep learning curve and my political advice (for what it is worth) is that things are always more complicated than they appear. If it appears easy, you may be just about to make a high-profile mistake.


[1] Never thought I’d use “inconvenient facts” in a beer article. In fact, I never thought I would use it ever.

[2] “No Sleep till Brooklyn” is edged out that other 1986 Beastie classic “Paul Revere”. It contains the prophetic line “just me and my horsy and a quart of beer” which accurately predicted my future obsessions with playing the travel game “Horse” and with quarts (or at least pints) of beers.

[3] “Balanced rather than bombastic” like many from Holland and like none from the Oval Office.

[4] Yes, I really did spend the entire blog building up to that gag.


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