It boasts a history far older than wine. Unfortunately, we all too often treat it like a second-class citizen or a slightly shameful beverage.

In reality, we should be celebrating the range and sheer diversity of beer available from New Zealand and around the world. We should be eager to explore new styles and match great beer with great food.

They are committed to stocking one of the best selections in the country, serving them in exactly the right manner and making sure people experience just how good a beer can be.

The idea of sticking to one beer is put to rest by erudite beer writer, Stephen Beaumont. He wrote:

Beer drinkers have been duped by mass marketing into the belief that it makes sense to drink only one brand of beer. In truth, brand loyalty in beer makes no more sense than 'vegetable loyalty' in food. Can you imagine it? "No thanks, I'll pass on the mashed potatoes, carrots, bread and roast beef. Me, I'm strictly a broccoli man.

Stephen makes the point (as only he can) that while it is all very well to have your favourites, you miss out on so much if you don’t try new things.

The Malthouse provides an amazing opportunity to try new beers and maybe find a few new favourites. This list is designed to give a little guidance along the way but then, the old ‘close-your-eyes-and-point’ works well too.


Neil Miller
Beer Commentator