Its people are a unique blend of the original Islanders and waves of settlers originating from Europe and Asia. This is the foundation for its diverse cuisine and culture, combining a love of beaches and ocean with modern technology and a cheerful Polynesian greeting.

Despite its Pacific location and history, its people include the Union Jack on their flag to this day.

I’m talking of course about Hawai’i, New Zealand’s counterpart in the Northern Hemisphere. Just as he did for New Zealand, Captain Cook had a profound impact on Hawai’i, and Hawai’i had a profound impact on James Cook.

Deep Creek Brewing, from Silverdale on North Auckland’s east coast, is one of the top five New Zealand breweries when ranked by closeness to Hawai’i. So it’s no coincidence that Deep Creek co-founder Scott Taylor is a fan of Hawai’ian shirts and sports a stunning Thomas Magnum-type moustache.

It’s a classic and flattering look, and you’ll be able to check it out yourself next week when Scott is in the Malthouse on Friday 22 February.

He’s bringing an impressive line-up of 14 Deep Creek brews for the tap takeover. The list includes the brand new Wisdom West Coast IPA, in Wellington for its launch, along with favourites like Undercurrent Pilsner, Hoppy McHopface and Pontoon in a Monsoon.

And for a Hawai’ian-style tropical treat, The Malthouse has wrangled a slushie machine, to be filled with a Deep Creek sour beer authentically served in coconut shells. Let’s hope the heatwave stays on.

Dress appropriately – think loudest Aloha shirt in the wardrobe – and you’ll be in to win a genuine Deep Creek merch pack, rumoured to include a genuine Deep Creek Hawai’ian shirt. Scott will be the judge on the night, and DJ Don Luchito will be bringing the grooves.

Deep Creek Brewing has been building a solid reputation since it opened in 2011. Alongside its flagship range, Deep Creek has ongoing Project ranges, bringing out regular experimental beers fitting specific themes. The Lupulin Project is its series of filler flavoured IPAs; Steam Funk Project covers funky fermentations like Goses and Berliners.

The Deep Creek Tap Takeover line-up in full goes like this:

New Release – Wisdom WCIPA

Hoppy McHopface

Aloha Guava Sour

Droptop Brut IPA

Misty Miyagi Hazy IPA

Brewtiful Haze Hazy IPA

Lagerita Lime Gose

Undercurrent Pilsner

Lotus NZ Pale

Redwood APA

Dusty Gringo Brown Ale

Pontoon In A Monsoon

Flanders Red

Gin & Lime Double IPA

And to prepare you for the party, here’s some surprising Hawai’ian facts:

  • Hawai’i’s highest mountain Mauna Kea is 483m taller than our own Aorangi Mt Cook. It is the only place in Polynesia outside New Zealand to get snow.
  • New Zealand has more volcanoes than Hawai’i.
  • Aloha means aroha, and vice versa.
  • The two Doberman Pinschers featured in Magnum P.I. – Zeus and Apollo – were actually named Laurel and Hardy.
  • The theme to Hawai’i Five-O was written in 1968 by Morton Stevens, who had never been to Hawai’i. Half a century later it is still the best TV theme ever.

Don’t forget – this weekend is Ciderhouse 2019, with 12 ciders on tap and more in the fridge. And this month is Flagship February, with a Malthouse-wide line-up of all-time classic Kiwi craft beers – All Killer, No Filler!


Martin Craig

Guest Malthouse Blogger