It’s been over a year since the first instalment and the quality has held up remarkably well.  That is not something you can say about many movies which are the fourth in a series.  Shrek IV is not worthy to hold Shrek I’s ogre underpants, Star Wars Episode I nearly destroyed a franchise I had adored since the age of six and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull did not make a lick of sense.  

Film critic Eric Melin over at Scene Stealers did a post on the Top10 Fourth Films and they are all, in my opinion, pretty awful.  I’d watch maybe three of them (Thunderball, Star Wars Episode I and Star Trek IV) * and enjoy maybe a half (the end of Thunderball).  Eric agrees writing:

“In fact, fourth films are typically so bad that I can barely recommend any of the movies on this list wholeheartedly.  In other words, this list – for the most part – sucks.  These are the best fourth-in-a-series films I could dig up.  The rest are even worse.  Why bother with a list of paltry returns, you may ask?  Let’s just say it was to prove a point.”

Fortunately, this edition of the People’s Blog suffers from no such problem and today we showcase the beer-infused thoughts of Shannon, an advisor, and Jules, a wanker. **

Shannon Quirke is an “Advisor working for the Government”, one of the rarer jobs in Wellington these days apparently.  She tweets perceptively from @shannonq but her only qualification for contributing to the People’s Blog is that she “loves beer and can talk about it for ages.”  Actually, she might well be over-qualified.  Here are her words:

“I’m still feeling a little bit guilty that one of the first feelings I had upon hearing about the Christchurch earthquake was a wave of fear for the Three Boys Brewery and that there could be a shortage of Three Boys here in Wellington.  (My family and friends are all fine, by the way – whew.)  So, following that feeling, I think it’s only right that I firstly talk about one of my firm favourites when it comes to beer – Three Boys IPA.

The first thing that pops into my head when I think about Three Boys IPA is balance.  I feel like this beer is perfectly rounded with a fruity, delicately hoppy bitterness that tastes gorgeous – and always leaves me wanting another.  My taste in beer continues to change but I come back to this one all the time – yum.

And because I can’t get enough IPA these days, the next beer I think I’m ready to marry is 8 Wired HopWired IPA.  I love this beer so very much – especially on tap.  For me, it’s sweet on the tip of the tongue and then takes you on a swift ride to hopsville – there’s always a little shimmy on the first sip.  

Not bad for a girl brought up on the dregs of Lion Brown, yeah?”

Not bad at all.  Besides, it’s not like I am going to argue with someone who has just picked two IPAs.  I’d also like to be Mayor of Hopsville one day.  

Now over to Jules van Cruysen, Sommelier and Wine Writer:

“As the self professed Wine Wanker when it comes to wine, I usually find myself championing wines that are not powerhouses.  It’s not that I don’t like my block busted – I get off on it – it’s just that there are more than enough people already singing their praises and too few celebrating off-centre, understated and even austere wines – wines of grace and subtlety (again – I’m not saying that giants can’t be this – but its often not their only appeal).  When it comes to beer, I am the opposite – I like big beer – more hops, more malt, more everything!  Maybe my beer drinking palate is yet to mature but there is also the possibility that these beers, being far from mainstream, satisfy my desire to celebrate the little guy.

In the wake of the Christchurch earthquake, I have chosen two beers from my favourite Christchurch Breweries – The Twisted Hop and Three Boys – but rather than choose their heftiest brews have chosen some of their most subtle – and a building block that is one of my most passionate subject in the beer world: Sauvin Hops! ***

The Twisted Hop’s Sauvin Pilsner is arguably New Zealand’s best lager beer – it has a lovely clean malty body with a refreshing bitterness and a lively bright almost floral finish.  Now that comes in bottles I have used it to convince many lager-louts to join the ranks of beer-geekery **** – it being close enough in looks and name to the commercial shite they usually drink to convince them to try it which unfailingly blows them out of the water… beer that tastes good?  Fancy that!

The next is Three Boys Golden Ale – another graceful combination of hops, malt water and yeast.  This is the sort of beer I love drinking on a hot summer’s day – immensely seasonable with vibrant grassy cut!  I think the best food recommendation for Three Boys Golden Ale is anything that would go with Sauvignon Blanc ***** – fish and chips, shellfish cooked with a little bit of wine (even better Golden Ale), garlic and herbs or even some bracingly sharp goats cheese. YUM !”

Yum indeed.  Thanks to both our panellists for taking over the blog (and the footnotes) for a day.

* Eric ranked Star Trek IV best (or, more accurately, least worst) top fourth film so I have used its tagline in the title of this post
** This sentence is not nearly as offensive as it sounds but it sure was fun to type
*** [Jules] Sauvin is a hop variety named such for its similarity to Sauvignon Blanc – it has an intensely grapey, grassy, passionfruit and gooseberry aroma. I know you know this I just wanted to have a footnote as I find Neil’s rather amusing
**** [Jules again] If you are reading this you qualify.  I just couldn’t help myself with that one.
***** [And Jules again] A grape variety named after its similarity to Sauvin Hops (or maybe it’s the other way around).  Now this is just getting gratuitous. ******
****** Yes, yes it is.


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