Now On Tap

Aspall Suffolk Cyder, 5.5% abv
Beavertown/Modern Times Ratoon, 5.7% abv
Brew Union Stout, 5.5% abv
Cooper's Brew A IPA, 6% abv
Eddies Cider Heritage Wild, 7% abv
Epic Armageddon, 6.66% abv
Epic Hop Zombie, 8.5% abv
Epic Solar Flare XPA, 4.7% abv
Erdinger Weissbier, 5.3% abv
Fork Brewing Alternative, 5.8% abv
Fork Brewing Big Tahuna, 6.7% abv
Fork Brewing Galactic Gose, 4.5% abv
Fork Brewing Slip Pils, 5.2% abv
Mountain Goat Barrel Breed Imperial Stout, 12.5% abv
Peckham's Wild All The Way, 6.5% abv
Rocky Knob Rock Lobster, 7% abv
Rocky Knob Undies, 3.3% abv
Sawmill Brewing Sessions IPA, 3.5% abv
Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, 4.6% abv
Thornbridge Cocoa Wonderland, 6.8% abv
Thornbridge FIKA, 7.4% abv
Thornbridge Halcyon IIPA, 7.7% abv
Tiny Rebel Stay PUFT, 5.2% abv
Tuatara Hi-Res, 6.8% abv
Tuatara Iti APA, 3.3% abv
Tuatara Pilsner, 5% abv
Zeffer Crisp Apple Cider, 5% abv


Fork Brewing Welterweight, 5.5% abv
North End Iron Sands, 6% abv

Coming Soon

Brew Union Sam The Eagle, 6% abv
Crooked Stave Petite Sour Ros, 5% abv
Fork Brewing The Big Tahuna, 6.7% abv
Tempest Brewing All The Leaves Are Brown, 10.5% abv
Tempest Drop Kick Me Jesus, 5.2% abv
Tempest In The Dark We Live, 7.2% abv
Tempest Marmalade On Rye, 9% abv
Tuatara Coastin', 4.6% abv