To be perfectly honest, we love beer- like we Really Love Beer!

At the Malthouse, we celebrate beer in all its wonder and glory pretty much every day.

We are committed to offering the biggest range of beers in New Zealand and we work hard to ensure every drop is served tasting as good as it possibly can. To the extent of our 6 different temperature controlled fridges- each set to the ideal temperature for the beer within, along with our special selection of beer which you can imbibe at either room temperature, or chilled to perfection.

Our beer selection consistently includes over 150 beers from around New Zealand and around the world.

At the Malthouse you can sample pilsners, porters and pale ales from twenty countries. You can sip a beer made by Trappist Monks in Belgium or a beer made by a University Professor in Christchurch. You can savour a decadent chocolate stout or enjoy a quenching golden lager.

The choice is up to you.

There is a beer for everyone at the Malthouse and our staff are happy to help you find yours.

In addition to our extensive and informative beer list we always have a selection of new beers available so do ask about what has arrived recently.

We are also one of the few bars in Australasia to offer a limited number of carefully aged beers. Connoisseurs and those with an enquiring palate should check out our cellar selection.